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Archive or Alive:劉守曜獨舞數位典藏

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Archive or Alive:劉守曜獨舞數位典藏


2018年「Archive or Alive:劉守曜獨舞數位典藏」計劃,便是這樣企圖下的實踐。


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Archive or Alive: Digital Archiving Development of a Solo Dance by Shou-Yuo Liu

Based on its fervent exploration on using digital tools, ET@T has been driven by its relentless quest to push the possibility of “online video archive.” After their previous initiative to contextualize nearly a hundred documentation footages on “avant-garde theatre” of the 90s, ET@T has now furthered its attempt to archiving “Body” and “Physical Movements,” and deriving the corresponding “metadata.” This initiative is expected to provide the viewers with an understanding framework beyond primary information such as “What/Who/When/Where/Why,” and while constructing the vocabularies available for the critics, hopefully, it will allow more room for discourses and critiques for nonverbal performing arts.

This digital archiving project revolves around three sections of the physical performance in Shapde5.5, a solo dance work by Shou-Yuo Liu in 2014. These three sections are to be construed as more than Liu’s accumulation and crystallization of “physical performance” for the past 30 years, but a representation of the artist’s innate and true consciousness from the inside out, as well as the thoughts of relationship between “objects” in the spectrum of the body, the material and the immaterial. The relations that are dealt with range from body and movement, body and nudity, costume, objects (props), sounds, consciousness, time, space, and so on. The digital archiving also includes three pieces of improvisations—the very starting point where Liu’s solo dance pieces unfolded.     

In 2018, Archive or Alive: Digital Archiving Development of a Solo Dance by Shou-Yuo Liu was carried out under the aforementioned attempt.

Meanwhile, we hope that, in contemporary times, archive serves more than the purpose of conserving objects but also keeping alive the artistic energy residing within itself. Whether it is to be viewed as performance or probed as research materials, the immersive and dynamic viewing experience offered by “panoramic image”, along with “VR headset,” definitely challenges the conventional way of perception given by linear narratives set in two-dimensional and third-person perspective videos. The project is undoubtedly a bold initiative to structure “physical performance” and “panoramic images of multiple viewing perspectives” into the framework of the production relations between “documentation and screening.” This dynamic perception system is established amidst performance, audio-visual content, and critiques. And, it is about the documentation of and discourse on the body, the improvisation and spiritual trance state of the performer, and the authenticity and representation of the documentation.




Director, actor, performer and dancer. Since 1987, Shou-Yuo LIU has been working in theatre and experienced in directing, and acting till now. He is known for the cross-boundary collaboration works (including Drama, Dance, Chinese Opera and Digital Technology) and physical solo dance performance, had been participated in the production of art festivals in Seoul, Berlin, and New York. And his solo dance works, Shaman- Working in Progress, SHAPDE5.5 – Shou-Yuo Liu, Solo Dance have been well received.


「在地實驗」(ET@T)由藝術家黃文浩創立於1995年,觀察與發展所有具有潛力的藝術形式,並探索因數位文化而產生的不明狀態。二十餘年來,不論是數位文本、理論與各種數位文化相關的展演形式,在地實驗希望藉由完整而深入的專業知識,經由實際的創作與演練,累積出厚實的經驗與心得。2018年「Archive or Alive—劉守曜獨舞數位典藏研發計畫」由在地實驗主持、製作,2019年概念美術館vol.3「Archive or Alive:劉守曜獨舞數位典藏」策劃人為在地實驗的企劃統籌葉杏柔。


ET@T was founded by artist Huang Wen-Hao in 1995 to explore all possible art forms and nascent states of production in digital culture. For more than twenty years, ET@T hopes that its practice of comprehensively applying professional knowledge to digital texts, theories, exhibitions, and performances derived from digital culture, will result in abundant experience and learning. In 2018, project Archive or Alive: Digital Archiving Development of a Solo Dance by Shou-Yuo Liu was organized and produced by ET@T. In 2019, exhibition Concept Museum of Art vol.3: Archive or Alive: Digital Archiving Development of a Solo Dance by Shou-Yuo Liu was curated by Hsing-Jou Yeh, chief coordinator of ET@T.