Vol.14|% consumption of computing-鄭先喻個展

Hsien-Yu Cheng Solo Exhibition


➤展期 Duration:2023/07/21– 2023/10/13
➤開幕 Opening:2023/07/28 16:00
➤地點 Venue:台灣數位藝術中心 Digital Art Center, Taiwan
➤地址 Address:111 台北市士林區中山北路六段431-1號B1
B1, No.431-1, Sec. 6, Zhongshan N. Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City
➤預約 Ticket:Free admission, No reservation 無入場費、不需預約


◙ 展覽介紹 ◙


◙ 關於藝術家 ◙


◙ Exhibition Introduction ◙
In modern society, significant advancements have been made in the field of technology, ranging from personal computers, the Internet, smartphones to server network applications. These explosive developments encompass the emergence of social media, passwordless authentication, and the recent rise of web3 applications. These technologies are gradually integrating human biometric characteristics, habits and behaviors into the realm of the Internet and online applications. This phenomenon has driven the development of cloud computing architecture and has brought about diverse commercial applications. And people nowadays are also getting used to enjoying and engaging in activities within the virtual world.
The artwork utilizes machine learning to generate virtual reality (VR) imagery of natural landscapes. Depending on the battery status and battery level of the user’s device, the scenes presented would be pristine and undisturbed when the battery level is low; when the battery level is high, the scenes depicted would be of destruction caused by human beings or environmental pollution. Additionally, the artwork records the time consumed by the server while generating graphics and machine learning computations, which are then converted into power consumption to generate and visualize data. The artwork aims to discuss the issues of energy consumption and the balance and disruption of the environments brought about by entertainment and service platforms, consumer goods and markets in the context of extensive use of edge computing servers.
By utilizing the physics parameters of the audience’s devices, such as battery level and status, to influence and control the natural landscapes shown in virtual reality, the work is to symbolize the relationship between technological development and the environment. It also highlights how server computing technology is closely interwoven with the issues of energy consumption and maintenance of environmental balance. The development of these applications requires a significant amount of resources, including energy, raw materials, and water. The extraction and utilization of these resources have immense impacts on the environment that we can not overlook. The artwork also reflects that, in the future, there will be more interactions and impacts happening at the boundary between the virtual and physical worlds. And the impacts will be manifested across political, social, and environmental domains as our reality.


◙ About the Artist ◙
HsienYu’s working process expands into electronic installations, software and experimental bio-electronic devices, with an aim to explore the relationships amongst human behavior, emotion, software and machinery. In a humorous manner, he attempts to endow his works with vital signs and existential or empirical significance, to metaphorically embody his own experience and observation of the environment.