2018下半年度,數位藝術基金會舉辦「科技藝術典藏基礎計畫(Save Media Art)」三場科技藝術典藏系列講座,以計畫主持人陳禹先、林子荃兩位長期研究與關注經驗,自美術館典藏管理事務的田野經驗中,分享永續典藏科技藝術作品所面臨的問題及介紹國際上較盛行的理論實務。

2019年7月,奠基於前三場講座,邀請三位國際研究人員:Aneet Dekker、Jonathan Farbowitz、Emma Dickson,與陳禹先、林子荃進行兼具理論與實務角度的跨國對談,以網路藝術研究者、時基藝術修復師的眼界,與台灣觀眾分享他們行走於網路藝術保存與維護一途上的經驗。


★2019.7.2(二)19:50 – 21:00

科技藝術典藏 系列講座四

Annet Dekker 【「收藏網路藝術-探索常規之外的保存途徑」作者導讀 / Collecting and Conserving Net Art – Moving Beyond Conventional Methods】

In this talk, Annet Dekker will focus on some of the challenges and opportunities in the conservation and contextualisation of net art practices for the traditional keepers of cultural heritage. As important stakeholders of cultural heritage, museums and archives are faced with new collaborators and need to find ways to re-organise and re-structure their practices to adapt and facilitate the process that enables the continuation of these practices as ‘living’ environments that can adapt to the flexible requirements of the mutable works it contains. I will present some examples of how this type of collecting documents the different versions, the process and instability of a work that evolves over time. In the process, exploring what it means to become part of a ‘network of care’ in which a collaborative approach is vital to comprehending the complexities of net art and ensure its longevity.