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07/04(六)15:00 展覽座談(一)



「身體造景─黃盟欽個展」(Knitting a Paratextual Body: Huang Meng-Chin Solo Exhibition)

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黃盟欽作品長期關注於感知形塑與身體議題,擅常結合複合媒材、空間裝置與錄像作品。本展「身體造景─黃盟欽個展」(Knitting a Paratextual Body: Huang Meng-Chin Solo Exhibition)藉由探討身體影像核心概念,從身體性概念發展感知迴路,思考 科技媒介下身體重構時的視覺架構,指的是一個物體、影像、聲音、波形或其他形式的改變現象,一股難以被定義的魅力所觸發。其創作透過身體議題操作,作品中經由空間場域的佈局與引導,營造出人性感官場域,透過流動影像的對話,拼湊著身體、時間與空間的感性敘事,包含著真實/虛構下的 溫度印記,召喚觀者在覺知運作下接收訊息與情感作用,充滿了特殊的視覺語彚與情緒張力,體驗情緒能量釋放出來後的身體訊息,在位移與成像的關係之間,織造成為多重互文性下的身體景觀。

Huang Meng-Chin’s work focuses on the perception of the form of the body, often integrating mixed media, installation, and figurative works. By exploring the core concept of body images, “Knitting a Paratextual Body: Huang Meng-Chin Solo Exhibition” develops avenues of awareness from the concept of body, and considers the visual framework of bodily reconstruction using technological media. This means changing the appearance of objects, images, sounds, waves, or other forms provoking an attraction that defies traditional definition. This construction uses the topic of the body to re-create human senses through the arrangement of spaces, by means of a dialogue of flowing images; the perceptual narratives of bodies in time, and space are joined. This includes imaginary human temperature situation, drawing reactions and emotional responses from viewers. The work is filled with a unique visual vocabulary and emotional tension, creating an encounter with emotional energy being released, and a multiplicity of body images from the relationship between form and displacement.