概念美術館 Vol. 8《皿—黃浩旻個展》The PetriDish: Huang Hao-Min Solo Exhibition

展期 Duration:2021/5/7 – 2021/7/9
開幕 Opening:2021/5/7 16:00
地點 Venue:台灣數位藝術中心 Digital Art Center, Taiwan

◆ 展覽介紹 Exhibition Introduction
● 藝術家 Artist:黃浩旻 Huang Hao-Min
● 製作出品 Produced by:財團法人數位藝術基金會 Digitial Art Foundation
● 特別感謝 Special Thanks:國家文化藝術基金會 National Culture and Arts Foundation


Work Description:
The PetriDish is an interactive installation. The audiences will be wearing virtual reality helmets; their perception transported into the space within the device. They can move in the virtual space freely, and to see the environment as they move, therefore gradually perceive the new space in the device as “reality”. When the audience members’ vision move to the edge of the image, the glass curtain around them will be activated, becoming transparent, revealing the world beyond the device. The audience will see the image outside of the device, and their own self in it. At this moment, while their perception stay within the device, they cans see their body from the outside, they will experience a complex feeling that comes from the separation of mind and body. It will stimulate them to discover and reflect on the idea that the world is constructed virtual reality, as humans we do not yet fathom where consciousness and perception really come from.

● 關於藝術家/About the Artist
黃浩旻畢業於台灣科技大學電機工程學系,在大學就讀的期間,他發現對於自造者運動與創作的興趣,常以改造科技物和材料錯置的手法進行實驗或創作,鍛鍊出對事物審視並再設計的獨特能力。從而進入噪咖藝術有限公司實習,由跨領域環境接觸新媒體藝術工作。更加確立他投入藝術工作的傾向,帶領他進入清華大學跨院碩士科技藝術組就讀。 清華大學的研究環境幫助他學習創意編程與互動裝置的知識,以此為基礎他開始嘗試以虛擬實境與動力裝置交互的方法進行創作,討論視覺與空間認知關係,並延伸為對自身生命狀態的提問。

About the artist:

Huang Hao-Min graduated from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering. During his time of study, he discovered his interest in the maker movement and the process of creation. He often uses the technique of transforming scientific objects and misplacing materials to experiment and create works. From the process he obtained the unique ability to examine material and to redesign them. He made an internship at noiseKitchen Art Co.,Ltd., and started to do new media art creation in an interdisciplinary environment. It further confirmed his interest and passion in art, and led him into the decision to study at National Tsing Hua University, International Intercollegiate MS Program – Art and Emerging Technology. The experimental environment at NTHU provides him with the knowledge in creative programing and interactive devices. Grounded up in that, he started to explore the ways to alternate virtual reality and power devices as a creative process; discussing the relationship between vision and perception, and extended into posing questions regarding the state of living.

● 關於「概念美術館」About Concept Museum of Arts
The Concept Museum of Art focuses on “the authenticity of works in the context of history.” Grounded on the thinking of networks as well as display and kinetic technologies, the Concept Museum of Art attempts to supplement the insufficiency of analogue fashion of material collections through the historical framework under cultural stratification to create a new experience of digital narrative.

● 看展注意事項 Notes
.單次預約區段為 30 分鐘,限一人。
.理想體驗時間長度約為 10 分鐘。
.考量到 VR 對於視覺的刺激,不建議 13 歲以下孩童觀賞。
.One booking duration is 30-minute and for 1 person only.
.The expected experience duration is approximately 10 minutes.
.Visiting the venue with the official reminder email is recommended.
.Your reservation will be canceled in the situation of not entering the venue within 10 minutes of the reserved time.
.If you experience dizziness or any discomfort during the experience, please take off the head-mounted device immediately, and inform onsite staff for assistance.
.VR screening is not recommended for children under the age of 13 as their eyesight may still be developing.
.If you have experienced or may experience nausea or any epileptic symptom, please be mindful.
.If you are used to wearing contact lenses, it is recommended to use contact lenses instead.