Exibition 低級自由—李懿澕個展 Low Life: Li Yi-Ho Solo Exhibition

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《低級自由—李懿澕個展》Low Life: Li Yi-Ho Solo Exhibition

● 藝術家 Artist:李懿澕 Li Yi-Ho

● 製作出品 Produced by:財團法人數位藝術基金會 Digitial Art Foundation

● 特別感謝 Special Thanks:國家文化藝術基金會 National Culture and Arts Foundation




I would like to create a bridge between humans and cockroaches, providing humans with a chance to know how cockroaches perceive the world. Confined by a restricted vision and the disgusting body of the cockroach, the audience could get a glimpse into how cockroaches recognize the appearance of their habitats. With the story design in Virtual Reality, this artwork is aimed to change the negative perception that humans have on cockroaches. Moreover, I utilize my own imagination for the cockroach community and their symbiosis with other creatures in the kitchen, to blur the boundary and deconstruct the dominant-subordinate relationship between humans and cockroaches. With the guidance of the cockroach, the audience visit the kitchen in the ground level viewpoint in which the cockroach become the main narrator among the human living space. Thus, I also design installations of antenna, wings, and cerci to imitate the feedback mechanism that cockroaches use to receive external messages. These installations create an immersive experience which makes it easier for the audience to become an embodiment of cockroaches.


關於藝術家/About the Artist


Li Yi-Ho, a prospective graduate from Department of Communications Design in Shih Chien University, is an artist specializing in video editing and installation design. She went to University of Fine Arts in Poznan as an exchange student in 2020. Her artwork 《Mar.12 May.4》was selected in the Poznan Art Week for online exhibition.